Reading Trip to South Tyrol

In April I was on a reading trip in Bolzano, where I gave 12 readings over 5 days at various elementary and middle schools (1st-5th grade and 11-12 years). Two of them with my cat thriller OTHELLO & GIOVANNI (Südpol publishing), ten with the reading concert for my graphic novel based on Jules Verne’s 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (Carlsen Comics). Jörg Walter, the composer of the music, and I are offering the reading concert in a new form: Now you can book me alone for that event. We think the live version, where we bring a real instrument, may be nicer (click on the button below to get an impression!), but sometimes the venue’s budget or our sometimes different schedules don’t allow for the two of us to arrive with an instrument.

The children were very attentive and well prepared! Some even had covers by me redrawn – see the 2nd picture, the very exact copy of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (Carlsen Comics)!

It was wonderful! Each view in Tyrol is a postcard – a huge thank you to the many great students, teachers and very warmly also to the Office for Libraries and Reading in Bolzano for the invitation!

If you would like to book me or us for a musical reading based on one of the great classics of world literature (whether in schools, at celebrations, company parties or something else – atm in German only), please feel free to contact me and simply write me an email 🙂