The War of the Worlds Graphic Novel German Color Edition


Published by Carlsen Comics

H.G. Wells (Author, abridged and translated by Thilo Krapp), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), Colors by Xavi M. Montell, 18 € (D), 18,50 € (A), SC, 136 p.

ISBN: 978-3-551-78169-7

The new German edition of my graphic novel adaption of H.G. Wells’ famous novella by Carlsen!

Strange explosions occur on Mars, noticed by some experts, but without concern. A large metal cylinder falls to earth near the small town of Woking in the county of Surrey, England. From it, martians do arise in their disturbing tripods – and within short time, they lay down everything that stands in their way. Nothing and nobody is safe from them… as is Robert: Worrying about his wife that he lost in the chaos, on the run with a companion who slowly looses his mind and threatens their safety. What can help him now when even London, the largest metropolis in the world, has fallen to the invaders and all weapons of mankind are useless against them?

This new German edition of my graphic novel THE WAR OF THE WORLDS is a translation of the French edition that came out the year prior by Steinkis / Éditions Jungle, Paris. The wonderful colors by Xavi M. Montell have been slightly adjusted here and there for this use (read more about that here), so that this edition again is new rendering of my interpretation of the source material, a must-have for every fan of the novel.