The Scaphander

A skaphander is a somewhat outdated, different name for a diving suit. As you all can imagine, it is necessary to agree on a general design with yourself as the artist of an adaptation of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, because there are several extensive excursions underwater in which the

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Happy Easter!

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed Easter! 4 years ago I was lucky to visit fascinating, incredible Jerusalem and to live for two weeks in the heart of the city. In the middle of the world-famous historical bazaar! Our quarters were in the parish hall of the Evangelical Church of the Redeemer, which is located in the middle of the old town. From our romantic, neo-Byzantine style windows we had, to one side, a view of an ancient minaret, a French church tower from the 18th century, and could just catch a glimpse of the dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the right (on the

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Vis Dev: The River Themes

What always fascinated me about WAR OF THE WORLDS was that it is set in real locations in southern England, places that H.G. Wells apparently knew like the back of his hand, so well did he describe them and their atmosphere. The towns which the Martian siege comes upon in

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Something to sweeten the waiting time

Something is missing when you can’t do live presentations of your new book. But for known reasons it’s not possible right now.

In order to sweeten the waiting time until the next reading for me and you, I am showing you a little trailer for a reading concert – a format that the musician Jörg Walter and I have developed. While I am reading from a book, and it’s pictures are shown on a screen, he improvises the right music on a historical reed organ to that. We already did this kind of reading for my graphic novel on H.G. Wells’ WAR OF THE WORLDS – the trailer below shows a new reading of this format that combines my picture book THE LIGHTS OF PARIS – ÉMILE AT THE WORLD FAIR and my graphic novel adaptation of 20,000 MILES UNDER THE SEA, which is currently in progress. We look forward to holding such readings again as soon as the situation allows it!


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