Thilo Krapp

Non-fiction books from complex to simple, children’s books from the first reading age to 9 years, and comics to classics of world literature.

All this in connection with edutainment, with the easy, subliminal transfer of knowledge – that’s what Thilo Krapp stands for. His detailed scenes in non-fiction books on historical subjects such as ‚The Lights of Paris‘ and ‚Émile in Berlin’ are accompanied by simple knowledge illustrations from ‚In the Elevator with Einstein’ (translated into French, Korean, Dutch and Russian). First reader stories about the classics ‚Little Lord Fauntleroy‘ and ‚At the Witch’s House‘ display their worlds simpler, yet exactly, and stand next to exciting adventures for older ones like ‚Lenny Among Ghosts‘ or the ‚Young Detectives‘, which come along with exercises for puzzling and tinkering or precise illustrations of spooky castles. He gained recognition with his graphic novel adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic ‚The War of the Worlds‘, which won the Rudolph Dirks Award for best literary adaption (translated into French) and will receive a fitting successor in 2022 with his retelling of ’20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ from the Jules Verne classic. Meticulous research of the period in which these stories are set included.

Thilo Krapp lives for the transfer of knowledge and adventure in comics and children’s books – and is a honorary member of the board of the Illustrators Organization (IO), the professional association of German-speaking illustrators.

In his free time, he builds a doll’s house after historic design.


Agentur komm-passion (Advertising company, Düsseldorf), archaeform, BVG (Berlin public transport), BUND Baden-Württemberg,  City of Witten (Germany), Campilo Cleanroom Experts, Deutsches Mikrofinanz-Institut Berlin (German micro lending institute), Deutsches Kulturzentrum Hermannstadt (German cultural centre Hermannstadt), Gras und Sterne, Kirchenkreis Reinickendorf (church district of Reinickendorf, Berlin), Musikfestspiele Potsdam Sanssouci (Music festival), Oekoren, Tommy Trips & Travel (Travel agency)

Publishing houses/Editorial: Arena, Beltz & Gelberg, Carlsen Comics, Carl Hanser, cbj (Randomhouse/Bertelsmann), Circon, Coppenrath, Cecilie Dressler, DTV Junior, DTV/Reihe Hanser, Diogenes, EDEL Kids Books, Egmont Graphic Novel, Esslinger, S. Fischer, Gerstenberg, Jacoby & Stuart, Klett Kinderbuch, moses., Nagel & Kimche, Obelisk, Südpol, Thienemann, Ueberreuter, Urachhaus, B.Z. am Sonntag (newspaper), mare, Neue Deutsche Schule, Kaiser’s Tengelmann Kundenmagazin (magazine), Pfeffermind – Gamification & Serious Games