Reading Concerts with 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA

Here we are, just before leaving for the concert reading tour!
Doing the setup at our first venue, the KULTURETAGE in Oldenburg. The reed organ we use is in the foreground on the right.
The opposite view, into the auditorium of the KULTURETAGE, moments befor the first listeners came in.
Well – who’s hopping into the tour bus for the next concert stop here :)?
Jörg is preparing his part during our set up in our next stop, the KSG Rastede school near Oldenburg.
View into the auditorium of the aforementioned school – this was fully packed with children twice, during out two concert readings that morning.
We’re getting started in the Paulus-Schule Oldenburg for our next event.
Since we couldn’t use our beloved and preferred reed organ here – too many stairs! – Jörg had to use a (slightly out of tune) piano. Isn’t he just a great musician and reading partner (and overall a great partner) that he is so flexible in doing so? <3
During the reading at the Paulus school. I am already in the making-of part of the reading program here, explaining the children how I transformed the classic Verne book into a comic and how a comic/graphic novel in general is done, too!
We’re in the preparations of our concert reading at the Graf-Anton-Günther-Schule in Oldenburg here, our next stop. Trying to figure out the technical stuff while Jörg is preparing his part again in the background – finally back at the organ!
During the reading at the aforementioned school. The tech team also provided us with a wonderful ‘underwater lighting‘ here!
Our last reading on the tour during the Ocean Summit ‘LeseMeer‘ program. I’m again in the making-of part here, explaining how I intensively and extensively researched and concepted before beginning to draw the graphic novel.

In November I was on a book reading tour for my graphic novel 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (Carlsen Publishing House) together with the musician Jörg Walter (my husband :).

The specialthing about it: We developed a program with music in which I read the graphic novel (i.e. act out the dialogues of the characters while the comic panels are shown on screen), to which Jörg parallelly plays improvised music on a concert harmonium (originating from the time in which the story takes place). Before that, he developed leitmotifs for characters and moments in the selected scenes that I read, but what he plays in the moment of the book reading stays truly unplugged and spontaneous! In this fashion, we performed the reading concert, (as we call it) five times at this year’s KIBUM in Oldenburg (thanks to Regina Peters!) – once in the KULTURETAGE, four times in schools in the city and it’s region. Of course, our wonderful harmonium, a historic reed organ, had to be transported for this – that’s why you can see us posing here in front of a transporter :). The final event of our little tour took place in Itzehoe, where we read at a school as part of Ocean Summit’s ‘LeseMeer‘ program.

All of the events were so rewarding and beautiful and we were fully in our element! And we were very impressed by the many enthusiastic listeners, the children – and the consistently very committed and interested teachers and specialists at the schools and performance venues. A big thank you to everyone!

If you are also interested in such a reading, please send me a message – for example via the contact form on this page.