It’s done!

Time has come! After four years, the interior pages of 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA are finished. All the pages that belong to the story and the appendix to the book, the heart of the comic, have been drawn. There will be a few more changes to come, I guess, but they won’t be too dramatic – at least I hope so :-D.

I am happy and still can’t believe that I really went on a trip around the world underwater with Professor Pierre Arronax, his assistant Conseil and harpooner Ned Land. It was a delight! And I fell in love with these characters so much!

Now I’m going to finish the “packaging”, that is, the front and back cover and the design of the half title, the spine of the book … I’ll keep you posted (I hope to have more time to blog about the adaptation over here), and of course I will also update as soon as there is any important information to report – such as an exact publication date :).