Italy Travel Sketches

Back from vacation in Italy! I am still full of beautiful impressions and experiences. We lived very close to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, and I still have the nightly chatter of the passers-by who were striving for the ancient bridge in my ears … I did a lot of sketches and studies, in the Uffizi Gallery, in the city and its beautiful gardens (including the Giardino Stibbert and the Giardino Bardini), also in San Gimignano, Pisa (where we were on the tower) and Verona, through which we came on the return journey. Somewhere I also smuggled a sketch from the train, which was created on the way through Germany and shows a typical German landscape, into this selection ;). But I also captured my impressions of Merano and Austria, where we were hiking, a little (the last picture shows a mountain stream in which I bathed my feet :).