The mysterious power source aboard the ‘Nautilus’ (watercolor sketch).

After having finished work on a graphic novel adaption of H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds” – released by Egmont Graphic Novel in January 2017 and soon tob be re-released by Carlsen Comics (French edition by Éditions Jungle, Steinkis Groupe) – it was time to choose a new major project to work on.
Yes, it was important to go ahead with new ideas… and I always was fascinated by Jules Verne’s books, topics and imagination. So starting to work on an adaption of Verne’s famous “20.000 Leagues under the Sea” was long due for me – and here’s to the start of a documentation of the working process. I hope you enjoy this ’fantastic journey’ with me and will also be a little patient, because I will only update if I have something significant to contribute that keeps this comic moving and on track. But, after all, you’ll be able to follow the REAL development here with that!
I think, this time it will become a bit more steampunky than ‘Worlds’, because the topic totally allows it – yes, in some parts even asks for it. It is mere steampunk in some parts, I guess, whilst keeping up a very grounded-in-reality-tone (in Verne’s specific, let’s call it ‘passionate’ writing style :).
If you’re a huge fan of the Verne book, don’t be afraid! I did tons of research to stay as truthful as possible for a comic to everything period-related or style-referred in the novel (as I did with ‘Worlds’, too). Maybe you understand my goal better when you take a look at the ‘War of the Worlds’ blog here on this website, too.
I’m looking forward to the work on “20.000 Leagues”! You can see first concept art above, depicting the mysterious power source aboard the ‘Nautilus’, Nemos submarine home. I chose this draft because it shows a lot of the design approach I am going with in my rendition of the ship. Look forward to more development art to come!