A stairway aboard the ‘Ocean Majesty’, I guess leading up to ‘Diamond Deck’.
Relaxing on the ‘Lido deck’ with a glass of wine.
Leith harbor with the royal yacht ‘Britannia’ (out of service and now a museum ship).
A street corner in Edinburgh.
At sea.
The Outer Hebrides.
Ullapool harbor.
Nearby the Isle of Skye.
The Highlands.
The Highlands (impression).

In September I was on a boat trip to Scotland. And although it was very disturbed by storms (we were unable to call many ports and destinations as a result), I am very grateful for having been to cities like Edinburgh (on the day of our visit there, Queen Elizabeth II died), Glasgow and areas like the Highlands or Islands like the Isle of Harris (with the Callendish Standing Stones). The whole country is breathtakingly beautiful! The last picture shows more of an sketched ‘impression’ of an area in the Highlands than a worked out motif. I decided to leave it as it is, for me it reflects the essence of what I saw there: gigantic shapes, marked here and there by different shades of green and brown and in some parts illuminated by bright spots of light (the sun making its way through clouds) or shadowed by dark patches of clouds (picture 9). Much of it, perhaps most evident in the last picture in particular, looked as if a giant had formed dough with the palm of his hand.