moses. | 50 Mysteries for Code Breakers and Junior Detectives


Published by moses. publishing house

Written by Tobias Bungter and Andrea Köhrsen, illustrated by Thilo Krapp, set of 50 cards + a leporello in a box, 7,95 € (D)

Art.-Nr.: 30241

Encrypted messages, logic puzzles, detective tests, number puzzles and clues – 50 puzzling cases are waiting to be cracked!

With this card set, for which I did several illustrations for the cards as well as for the packaging, you not only learn to decipher the message of  bank robber Lasse Malochen and his gang, you also find out how old Luigi, the son of notorious mafia family Conlimone is and will be able to unmask the robber of the famous diamond ‘Star of Gütersloh’ – and are well on the way to becoming a junior master detective!