Announcement: Working on 20.000 Leagues under the Sea Graphic Novel

Today’s my birthday. Yes, literally! But it’s also the birthday of a very special project for me.

I officially can announce that I’m working on a graphic novel of Jules Verne’s ‘20.000 Leagues under the Sea’ for one of the major publishers of comics in Germany. Well, okay – THE major publisher :).

I have already started. Besides being as truthful as possible to the charme of the original story (as you might know about me from my adaption of WAR OF THE WORLDS at Egmont publishing house), 20000 LEAGUES will be modestly modernized by involving environmental messages into the plot. This is not too far away from the original book that had a wildlife protection message – but I will enlarge this message as much as possible regarding the time and place of the story, to the protection of oceans and nature in general. And no – this idea did not come up after the Fridays for Future events. I had this intention in mind long before, some years before honestly, when I first had to pitch the project.

But no fear, you lovers of the ‘Nautilus’ and Nemo’s schemes – all the important aspects that make this wonderful story such a gem will of course be in my adaption :)!

Oh, I’ve got so much in store for you… I can’t wait to show you first bits and pieces from the comic! But, maybe, for the beginning: You can inform yourself about the progress here, on the blog of this website ( Switch the button on the upper right (reading DE or EN) for changing the languages, there’s always a german and english version! And on top of that, You of course can inform yourself also through social media:


I am currently thinking about making a blog dedicated especially to this project, where you can follow the progress, too. If there is anything like that, I of course will inform you via the media above, too  :).

I would be glad if you’re gonna be a part of this! So I say Anchors Aweigh – the ship has sailed! Ahoy! 🙂