YOUNG DETECTIVES – The mysterious Doppelganger


Published by EDEL KIDS BOOKS

Written by Andreas Schlüter, illustrated by Thilo Krapp, book cover by Max Meinzold, 12,99 € (D), HC, 253 p.

ISBN: 978-3-96129-234-9


Summer Break! The worst situation for the YOUNG DETECTIVES: Leaving school and their beloved research objects? Hanging out with normal people – their parents? Oh no! As much as they may be happy to see them again, the desire to continue pursuing their interests at the Leonardo da Vinci boarding school is greater than sweating in the sun.

But then Daniel, who is already on his way to the airport, snoops the next criminal case: Mr Kraus, the bus driver, doesn’t seem to be the real Mr. Kraus. But if a doppelganger has taken over his identity – what’s behind that? And is the real Mr. Kraus perhaps in danger? No question, the YOUNG DETECTIVES are skipping the summer holidays – and investigating!

I made several black and white interior illustrations for this second volume of YOUNG DETECTIVES. The wonderful cover is by the great Max Meinzold.