The Smidgens


Published by EDEL KIDS BOOKS

Written by David O’Connell, book cover by Thilo Krapp, 12,99 € (D), HC, 220 p.

ISBN: 978-3-96129-233-2

Gafferty Sprout is frustrated! There seems no future for her tiny people, barely bigger than a thumb, who live under a small Scottish city in a hive, hunting for food in local townsfolk shops and stores. As old sources show, the home of her family – Mum, Dad and brother Gobkin – once belonged to a way bigger colony of SMIDGENS connected by a maze of tubes and old underground roads. Gafferty starts looking for answers. But not only she is looking for other Smidgens – a creepy agent with supernatural powers and her ghost henchmen are also after them! Can Gafferty solve the mystery of her people’s disappearance before they’re found by the wrong person?


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