Forecasting 2019

Happy New Year to you all! Do you feel it? The old year still reflects in your bones, but the new one has already begun and is propelling you forward towards the things and projects you want to accomplish until next winter.

For me, this is a huge non-fiction picturebook about the Paris worldfair 1900 that I am currently working on and from which the preliminary drawing of a spread can be seen here. It’s coming out in fall 2019 from Gerstenberg and no, it won’t be black and white ;)! Instead, this drawing is done on my favorite watercolor paper (Arches Rives) and will be colored traditionally. The format is immense (well, at least to me!). Each page has a width of 33 cm (about 13 inches) which means the final double page will have a full width of 66 cm (almost 26 inches)! But it is a lot of fun to work on that story (which is by me) and topic. All this fairy-tale architecture from bygone times with ladys wearing cool dresses and gents wearing straw hats. I love that (as you probably know ;).

Then, there is another secret graphic novel project I’m working on but cannot reveal already (but soon, I think). I’ll keep you posted about that here, so drop by if you like!

I wish for you and us all for a healthy, happy new year, where all your goals can be achieved, whether they are personally or professional. But above all, stay healthy, happy and grateful for life!