20,000 Leagues under the Sea Graphic Novel concert in Rostsock

February 21st, 2024, 5:00 pm, Literaturhaus Rostock, Doberaner Straße 21, 18057 Rostsock

We are looking forward to seeing you on February 21st 2024 at 5 pm at a new reading concert for my graphic novel 20,000 MILES UNDER THE SEA (Carlsen Comics) in the Literaturhaus Rostock!
Come with us to Jules Verne’s fantastic underwater world! While the images from the graphic novel roll before your eyes, I read the dialogue from the comic and our musician Jörg Walter plays live music especially arranged and composed to let Captain Nemo’s adventures come alive!
Afterwards, I will give insights into the work of a comic artist and how I worked on the graphic novel in a small workshop report, and I will be happy to sign your copies of the book.
The reading is intended for ages 12 and up. But I can tell you that, in our experience, even smaller children cope well with the reading, which is an abridged version of the content of the graphic novel (it has to, otherwise we’d need 8 hours! But the reading with music is about 45 minutes).

In any case, we look forward to seeing you all!

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