THE WAR OF THE WORLDS Graphic Novel Concert

July 8th, 2024, Bruns-Weber (farmhouse), Ludwigstraße 57, 67161 Gönnheim

Finally! After a long time, the musician Jörg Walter and I are giving another one of our musical reading of my graphic novel adaptation of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS (H.G. Wells)! This wonderful science fiction classic, which I first heard as a radio play at the age of 11, will be presented in its comic form, accompanied by Jörg’s wonderful music on a historical concert reed organ, at the equally wonderful Pfälzer Comic Salon in Gönnheim, Germany, on one of the farms that grow wine there. While the dramatic and captivating story unfolds before your eyes in colorful images and I read – why, embody – the dialogue, Jörg Walter will improvise elegant, mysterious, symphonic music based on specially composed leitmotifs. It will be a feast for the eyes and ears! The musical reading is in German this time. Don’t miss!

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