The War of the Worlds Graphic Novel

Comic book adaption of the classic H.G. Wells novella

Published By Egmont Graphic Novel
H.G. Wells (Author, abriged and translated by Thilo Krapp), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), 28,- € (D), 28,80 € (A), HC, 144 p.
ISBN: 978-3-7704-5522-5

June, 1898: A strange cylinder lands in the little town of Woking, a suburb of Greater London. Robert Ingram, a philosopher, witnesses extraterrestial life stepping out of the vehicle, building towering and walking tripod machines that destroy everything in their path. The military forces of the strongest nation on earth are defenseless against them: heat rays and poisonous gas are the answer to any means of trying to save civillian life in rural Britain and the cities. People flee, and so does Robert, trying to get back to his wife that he got separated from in the ‘massacre of mankind‘.

H.G. Wells wrote ‘The War of the Worlds‘ as a social commentary to the act of colonialism of his time: What if the nations that subdue other nations and feel utterly superior to them get overwhelmed themselves? What will it do to the self-conscious modern civillian of the western nations?