The Lights of Paris - Émile at the World Fair

Picturebook (non fiction) 8+.

Published By Gerstenberg Publishing House

Written and illustrated by Thilo Krapp, 20,00 € (D), 20,60 € (A), SFr 26,90, HC, 40 p.

ISBN: 978-3-8369-5668-0

Paris, in the summer of 1900: Émile and his mother Alice are excited to visit the famous world fair everybody is talking about! But once on the fair, they get separated and Émile has to find his way to the Electric Palace, where his father works, by his own. He meets extraordinary people on his way, like Loïe Fuller, american dancer in Paris, and Albert Robida, author and inventor. Together they have to solve the riddle why all the lights on the fair are suddenly going out. What happened to electricity? And will Émile find his mother again?

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