Lenny Among Ghosts

Arriving late night at the renowned school Röckenpöppel Castle, Lenny can‘t believe his eyes when he sees his fellow students gathering for dinner and eating - air! Or at least nothing that‘s visible. And then everything turns to dust. The whole castle is a crumbling ruin in the light of day - and all the other pupils turn out to be real ghosts! With no escape, Lenny has to become a real ghost himself...

dtv junior
Frank Maria Reifenberg (Author), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), 10,95 € (D), HC, 191 p.
ISBN: 978-3-423-76221-2

At The Witch's House

Krim lives a reclusive witch's life in her beautiful house in an enchanted forest. But on Halloween, three children, fearless and ferocious, claim it, use up all her magic powder and spells and make a horrible mess. Despaired, Krim seeks help from her magic friends, Archibald the Zombie Cat, Ghost Shiverbones, The Dark Knight and Nasty Kurt, to chase the children off. But will it work?

Obelisk publishing house
Michaela Holzinger (Author), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), 14,50 € (D), HC, 27 p.
ISBN: 978-3-85197-884-1

The War of the Worlds

June, 1898: A strange cylinder lands in the little town of Woking, a suburb of Greater London. Robert Ingram, a philosopher, witnesses extraterrestial life stepping out of the vehicles, building towering and walking tripod machines that destroy everything in it‘s path. The military forces of the strongest nation on earth are defenseless against them: heat rays, and poisonous gas are the answer to any means of trying to save the life in rural Britain and in the cities. The people flee, and so does Robert, trying to get back to his wife that he lost in the ‘massacre of mankind‘. A graphic novel adaption seriously faithful to the famous H.G. Wells novella.

Egmont Graphic Novel
H.G. Wells (Author, abriged and translated by Thilo Krapp), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), 28,- € (D), 28,80 € (A), HC, 144 p.
ISBN: 978-3-7704-5522-5

Othello & Giovanni - Cat Show Chaos

In the neighbourhood of cat brothers Othello and Giovanni, a beautiful cat lady moves in. Othello and his friend Karlchen immediately fall for the prize-winning Moni, who takes part in a ‘cat show‘ in the city‘s old grand department store that has been empty for years. But Lavinia Lifting, a greedy ex-model that hosts the show, and her husband Mark Mörtel have other plans: Deep in the building, in an old safe, lies something that they desperately want to have. And they are not picky when it comes to how to get it...

Written and illustrated by Thilo Krapp, 12,90 € (D), 13,30 € (A), HC, 177 p.
ISBN: 978-3-943086-54-6

Othello & Giovanni - The Great Catnapping

Othello and Giovanni, two tomcat brothers, are enjoying their lives at the Löwenberg’s home. But one faithful night, Othello doesn’t return from his hunting trip. With every attempt of the humans failing, Giovanni decides to search his brother on his own - and faces an adventure he’d never imagined he‘d be able to cope with! On his way, he meets a goldfinch with a diva attitude, a proud horse once been a race champion, a crazy catwoman and a lot of cat buddies - and finally has to get his brother out of the hands of a mad scientist.

Written and illustrated by Thilo Krapp, 12,90 € (D), 13,30 € (A), HC, 177 p.
ISBN: 978-3-943086-34-8

Chasing Bloody Mary

DI Emma Charles and Raj Jaffrey investigate in London and it‘s suburbs: Was the plastic surgeon really murdered by the gardener? How is the kidnapping of ‘Bloody Mary‘ linked to money laundering? And who poisoned the teacher that collapses during Globe Theatre night? Leads are in (assumingly) idyllic country estates, spas, casinos, bank firms and even in Ascot. An exciting read that endowes the user with language abilities of grade A1!

Compact publishing house (Circon publishing)
Sarah Trenker (Author), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), 12,99 € (D), SC, 80 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8174-1655-4

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