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Othello & Giovanni - The Great Catnapping

Othello & Giovanni - The Great Catnapping

Othello and Giovanni, two tomcat brothers, are enjoying their lives at the Löwenberg’s home. But one faithful night, Othello doesn’t return from his hunting trip. With every attempt of the humans failing, Giovanni decides to search his brother on his own - and faces an adventure he’d never imagined he‘d be able to cope with! On his way, he meets a goldfinch with a diva attitude, a proud horse once been a race champion, a crazy catwoman and a lot of cat buddies - and finally has to get his brother out of the hands of a mad scientist.

Written and illustrated by Thilo Krapp, 12,90 € (D), 13,30 € (A), HC, 177 p.
ISBN: 978-3-943086-34-8




I was in Haifa for two days in February. I extremely liked the city, maybe because of its atmosphere as a port city that is still recognizeable, but also because of its peaceful and quiet places, that maybe found in Tel Aviv, too, but more difficult to search for.


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April 22 and May 05, 11:00 am  


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