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Lenny Among Ghosts

Lenny Among Ghosts

Arriving late night at the renowned school Röckenpöppel Castle, Lenny can‘t believe his eyes when he sees his fellow students gathering for dinner and eating - air! Or at least nothing that‘s visible. And then everything turns to dust. The whole castle is a crumbling ruin in the light of day - and all the other pupils turn out to be real ghosts! With no escape, Lenny has to become a real ghost himself...

Frank Maria Reifenberg (Author), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), 10,95 € (D), HC, 191 p.
ISBN: 978-3-423-76221-2


Krieg der Welten graphic novel concert at the Heinrich Schulz library


Having something to announce! Next Monday, December 2nd, we are giving a book concert reading of my WAR OF THE WORLDS graphic novel at the Heinrich-Schulz-Bibliothek (a library) which is in the Charlottenburg town hall in Berlin (7:30 pm). Entrance is free!

I will read parts of the comic while beeing musically accompanied by reed organ player Jörg Walter, who wrote awesome musical leitmotifs for the parts I‘m reading and who will improvise about these simultaneaously. Imagine a black and white silent movie accompanied by live music, only with me reading the text from the balloons

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