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Chasing Bloody Mary

Chasing Bloody Mary

DI Emma Charles and Raj Jaffrey investigate in London and it‘s suburbs: Was the plastic surgeon really murdered by the gardener? How is the kidnapping of ‘Bloody Mary‘ linked to money laundering? And who poisoned the teacher that collapses during Globe Theatre night? Leads are in (assumingly) idyllic country estates, spas, casinos, bank firms and even in Ascot. An exciting read that endowes the user with language abilities of grade A1!

Sarah Trenker (Author), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), 12,99 € (D), SC, 80 pages
ISBN: 978-3-8174-1655-4


WAR OF THE WORLDS French edition


Glad to announce the French edition of my WAR OF THE WORLDS graphic novel! The book comes out the 2nd July in France from Éditions Jungle (ISBN 978-2-822-2351-0) and in a version with colors by Xavi di Montell.

I think he did a great job by adding colors to the original black and white (with sepia hues) version. The time in which the story is set gets emphasized by a bit desaturated colors, not without setting some accents here and there. I‘m happy how it turned out!

The format is a bit bigger than the original german one, but it works well and after all was possible due

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