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Le pont de la mort

Le pont de la mort

Commandant Marc Louvain is chasing thieves and murderers in Paris again! But what would he do without private investigator Alice Bonjean, his friend (and love interest, though he would never confess!)? She‘s helping him finding the 'ghost thief' on a bateau-mouche, solving the murder mystery of the Pont d'Arts, and convicting the killer which troubles the Montmarte neighbourhood - on their first official date together...

Béhem (Author), Thilo Krapp (Illustrator), 12,99 € (D), SC, 80 p.
ISBN: 978-3-8174-2087-2


Stay safe!


Stay Safe in this pandemic. Listen to officials and government statements, not conspiracy theory sites. Keep up good hope. Don‘t lose your heart and compassion with those more in danger and trouble than you, while watching your own safety on that path by washing your hands, avoiding crowds and keeping distance to others (at least 2 metres) though wanting to hug them instead. Use your ellbow to sneeze, and watch that snot flying out of your mouth and nose isn’t falling on other people. Read. Sleep well. Don‘t hamster food and supplies too much or in the way that you totally forget about

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