WAR OF THE WORLDS dedication

Author: Thilo Krapp am 01.12.2018

Tags: War of the Worlds, Comic, Graphic Novel

A dedication I recently made for someone in a copy of my War Of The Worlds graphic novel (from the famous H.G. Wells novella). I drew Emma - a character from the book - in a muff and warm colors, because it‘s cold outside and the book very likely will be given to the grandchildren of the owner on Christmas or Saint Nicholas :).

In Germany, we celebrate ‘Nikolaus‘ (Saint Nicholas) on December 6th and give little presents to each other on that day.

Maybe my War Of The Worlds graphic novel would be an idea for a gift for you, too? Lots of period imagery, art nouveau inspired book design and scenery from turn-of-the-century!

Just humbly recommending it. :)

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