WAR OF THE WORLDS French edition

Author: Thilo Krapp am 29.06.2020

Tags: Wells, comics, War of the Worlds, french, francais

Glad to announce the French edition of my WAR OF THE WORLDS graphic novel! The book comes out the 2nd July in France from Éditions Jungle (ISBN 978-2-822-2351-0) and in a version with colors by Xavi M. Montell.

I think he did a great job by adding colors to the original black and white (with sepia hues) version. The time in which the story is set gets emphasized by a bit desaturated colors,

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Stay safe!

Author: Thilo Krapp am 20.03.2020

Tags: Corona, Stay at home, Healthcare

Stay Safe in this pandemic. Listen to officials and government statements, not conspiracy theory sites. Keep up good hope. Don‘t lose your heart and compassion with those more in danger and trouble than you, while watching your own safety on that path by washing your hands, avoiding crowds and keeping distance to others (at least 2 metres) though wanting to hug them instead. Use your ellbow to

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