Gouache study after Otto Marcus

Author: Thilo Krapp am 03.06.2019

Tags: Berlin, Gouache, 1904

As an illustrator, it is in fact a duty to progress throughout your professional lifetime. There is always something to learn - new software, new laws and their effects on your work or your internet performance, new social media functions - and of course new illustrating skills.

I‘ve been loving gouache colors - alongside watercolors - for many years now, and it is a constant learning

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The Sea at La Rochelle

Author: Thilo Krapp am 11.08.2018

Tags: Sea, Gouache, Ocean

This summer I was on vacation in France, making a stop at La Rochelle. I went bathing - it was beautiful bathing weather - and while I was splashing around I noticed those wonderful colors of the ocean. The sea was almost yellow, with some blueish topping having a faint note of violet.

I would hardly ‘store‘ these colors, especially this combination, in my mind if I wouldn‘t sketch

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